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Experience the Sweet Release of True Healing

My pledge to you

Caring For Your Health


I know that you are not living your best life. Unlike some modern methods, I look at your entire system of mind, body, and spirit to guide you into alignment - the space where true healing happens. As the name suggests, it's all about the sweet release of emotional trauma, energies, perceptions, etc, that's toxifying your body. 

Natural Healing


My goal is to provide you with alternative care and holistic healing combining nature, spiritual connection, discussion, and awareness to bring you back into alignment. Our bodies are calling out to us and I want to show you how to connect with it through open awareness.

My Promise to You


I genuinely care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and the tools needed to get you back into body-mind-spirit alignment. I am here to help you. 


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Services Include:


Alignment Awareness

The body's default function is healing and durability. Without our bodies, we would not be able to gain experiences that nourish and enrich our mind and spirit. When the mind is toxified by emotional trauma and pain, the body cannot function and the spirit cannot close the energetic loop. Healing sessions with me focus on getting you back into alignment by bringing awareness to emotional issues and giving you the tools to heal the past.


Natural Medicine

Along with pulling from many disciplines to create a path to your healing, we will also discuss the importance of natural medicine. When we live in alignment with nature, we just feel better and this is how we begin to harness true healing. *Please make sure you discuss with your doctor beforehand. The work we do together is not a replacement for medical care nor is it meant to circumvent your doctors advice.*


Distance Healing

Phone or Skype sessions available for distance healing work. My integrative therapy style seeks to locate the root of your health issues and guide you to reverse them naturally. I pull from traditional psychology and therapy styles, a deep, non-religious spiritual connection, reiki, and nature-knowledge to provide you with a truly unique and personal, customized healing session for you. My methods can treat many chronic and acute issues, rather than managing or suppressing them.